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#28 Give Me A Sign, Give Me A Chance of Love

Title: Give Me A Sign, Give Me A Chance of Love
Fandom/Pairing: DBSK/TVXQ / Yunho x Jaejoong
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,626
Work remixed: Juvenile Daydreams by kas2umi
Summary: Prom Season. Jaejoong, a senior in high school and the most popular guy in school, is not only in charge of the prom committee, but lacking a date for the big event as well. With time growing shorter and an encouraging nudge from his best friend, will Jaejoong be able to confess his feelings for Class Rep Jung Yunho? Or will Yunho beat him to the punch?
Notes/Warnings: To Sumi: It's fate. Thank you for writing such beautiful stories, even short ones like these. Please continue to write them so that I can remix them in the future. *laughs* :P I tried my best to put this in Jaejoong's point of view of the same situation, I hope it turned out well. Everyone please enjoy, and if you'd like to know what Yunho's take and what his confession note was, please read Kas2umi's original version~ :D

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Tags: # 2018, fandom: dbsk, rating: pg-13

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