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2017 reveals!

The 2017 round has finally come to an end. All your hard work has paid off, so give yourselves a pat on the back! And coffee, too, because why not? It's time to celebrate!

Many thanks to our wonderful writers for sticking it out with us and pulling through. You are all champions.

Thank you so much, as well, to our lovely pinch hitters: hyemiyah, chanyeolanda, miyeokguk, latchedwindows, and bluedreaming.

We have enjoyed reading your fics, and we hope you have enjoyed reading the excellent works produced as well. Your identities will be revealed on AO3, and you may crosspost your fics elsewhere if you wish.

Thank you for participating, and farewell until next cycle! :)

Love, now and always,
Ash Ketchum and the Dugtrio The K-Pop Ficmix Mods

Dim the lights, and here we go — the reveals!

#01 Your Thorns I Pressed Into My Fingers (VIXX, Hyuk/Ken) → by gotchick
#01 remix of Kiiyah's The Knife I Pressed Into My Skin

#02 It's magic, you know. (EXO, SHINee, Kai/Taemin) → by acatwhowrites
#02 remix of baexil's Marked

#03 Body & Soul (Super Junior, Han Geng/Heechul) → by ANON
#03 remix of thetransienttako's I Remember

#04 technicolor daydreams (Infinite, Nell, Sunggyu/Jongwan) → by nekrateholic
#04 remix of galmaegi's good night

#05 Smudged Eyeliner (BAP, fem!Zelo/Youngjae, Zelo!centric) → by quackyeon
#05 remix of acatwhowrites's Cherry Chapstick

#06 and this body, transformed (one more time mix) (VIXX, Hakyeon/Sanghyuk) → by renquise
#06 remix of alunsina's And this body, transformed

#07 why do you build me up, buttercup (GOT7, Jaebum/Jinyoung) → by chanyeolanda
#07 remix of greenlightgo's Radio Signal

#08 Cyber Crush (There's No Need To Rush) (EXO, D.O./Sehun) → by anon_nim
#08 remix of baeksbabygirl's Tumblr Crush

#09 First Time - Remix (DBSK, Yunho/Jaejoong) → by thetransienttako
#09 remix of stardustlings's First Time

#10 This is a loop, feedback loop (EXO, Chanyeol/D.O.) → by alunsina
#10 remix of anon_nim's Descry

#11 forecasted; the way we never end (EXO, implied Baekhyun/Chen) → by latchedwindows
#11 remix of miuyi's i still see the light

#12 maybe you're my love (VIXX, Leo/Ken) → by galmaegi
#12 remix of enpleurs's kiss kiss fall in love

#13 run with me (catch me if you can) (VIXX, N/Ravi) → by enpleurs
#13 remix of renquise's catch me if you can

#14 Ocean's 11 (More Like Seven) (GOT7, Jackson/Jinyoung, Jackson/Mark) → by stardustlings
#14 remix of chanyeolanda's accio short, bright and handsome

#15 Inevitable (Infinite, Hoya-centric; Sunggyu/Sungyeol, unrequited Hoya/Sunggyu) → by miyeokguk
#15 remix of sasofy's 마음

#16 yolk (Gugudan, Gen, Sejeong-centric) → by yoonbot
#16 remix of nekrateholic's heartburn

#17 tides (Seventeen, Wonwoo/Jun) → by miuyi
#17 remix of yoonbot's pools

#18 colorphony (BTS, Gen) → by bluedreaming
#18 remix of quackyeon's 궁금해

#19 if dogs run free, then what must be, must be. (EXO, Kai/Sehun) → by hyemiyah
#19 remix of sugar_and_salt's How to Train a Puppy (Owner)

#20 title (BTS, J-Hope/Suga) → by baexil
#20 remix of minseokked's dream a little dream of me

#21 I think that possibly, maybe, I'm falling for you (GOT7, Jackson/Jinyoung, background Mark/Jaebum) → by chanyeolanda
#21 remix of gotchick's cause you know that baby i

#22 discovering you (SHINee, Minho-centric, with hinted Minho/Key) → by onyu
#22 remix of jinrou's your body's a masterpiece and i'm going to honour it the only way i know how

#23 just don't underwhelm me (SHINee & EXO, Taemin-centric (Kai/Taemin friendship)) → by jinrou
#23 remix of onyu's just overwhelm me
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