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2017 rules & information

What is a remix?
Have you ever read a story and thought, "If I had written this, I would have …"? A remix is your chance to take a story and tweak it, change things, introduce other elements, set it in an alternate universe, tell the other side of the story, or put a whole different spin on events. You can even write a prequel or a sequel. Think of remixing a fic as doing a cover of a song — putting your own twist on the original. For more clarification, see these posts (and the comments), or any of the articles here.

What has to stay the same?
Two things: basic plotline and characters/pairing. Although what specific plot points make up the necessary core of the story is subjective, the basic plot must remain the same; otherwise, it's not a remix, but a completely different story. While the pairing(s) can't be changed, you may shift the focus to background characters or pairings that appeared in the original. You also don’t have to center your story around a pairing - feel free to focus on an un-attached character and write about their story!

How do assignments work?
After signups, you will be assigned a writer and given a link to that writer's fanfiction masterlist. You will then pick one of their fics to write a remix of. Your author will be assigned based on the fandoms they have written for, and the list of fandoms you're willing to write for. You are guaranteed one fandom in common with your assigned author, but no more than that. This means you aren't guaranteed pairings in common, and may be assigned someone who writes pairings and characters that you don't. If you only write one specific pairing, this challenge may be difficult for you. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing — Ficmix is a great chance to expand your horizons and write something you may never have thought about writing before!

What story can I remix?
Here's what you can't remix:
  • The author's designated safe story
  • Previous Ficmixes
  • WIPs/unfinished fics
  • Collaborations between your remixee and other authors

Other than that, any story you want. This includes works members-locked to a fic comm and works posted after the sign-up period. If you have any questions about whether you are allowed to remix a certain story, please contact the mods.

How do I qualify?
To qualify as a remix participant, you must have written a total of either 3 fics of 500+ words or 5 fics of 100+ words. These fics must be publicly available, in a k-pop fandom, and remix-eligible (your safe story, previous Ficmixes, WIPs/unfinished fics and collaborative works don't count towards this total). Here are some examples of acceptable combinations:
    ☑ Yes: 2 Big Bang longfics, 2 Super Junior drabbles, 3 2PM drabbles, no safe story
    ☑ Yes: 6 SNSD drabbles, including one safe story
    ☒ No: 3 f(x) drabbles, 2 SHINee drabbles, including one safe story
    ☒ No: 2 TVXQ longfics (including a past Ficmix), 3 2NE1 drabbles, no safe story

Any fic locked to a community or journal does not count towards your eligibility requirements (but if your remixer has access to those works, they may be chosen to be remixed). If you're not sure whether you qualify, feel free to PM the mods before signing up to ask for an evaluation. If you do not qualify, you are still welcome to sign up as a pinch-hitter, but your fics will not be remixed.

What is a safe story?
A safe story is the one story your remixer is not allowed to remix. Because you only get one, choose wisely! If there are several stories you absolutely can't bear the thought of anyone else getting their hands on, Ficmix may not be the challenge for you.

Is there anything else I should know?
  • Ficmixes must be at least 1000 words long, regardless of the length of the original work.
  • Keep your assignment a secret throughout the challenge — don't de-anon yourself, post your fic anywhere else, or give hints about your fic until after reveals (this includes anon memes, Twitter, etc).
  • You must have a fic masterlist to sign up. Simply linking a fic comm will make your writer's life difficult! If you don't have one, make one very quickly. (Your AO3 works page can count as your masterlist.)
  • Please unlock as much of your fic as possible. If your remixer has to friend you or join your fic comm to read your fic, it ruins the surprise of finding out who they are at reveals :(
  • Although this is not a rule, we strongly encourage you to leave a comment thanking your writer once your fic is posted. They put time and effort into it, and this should be acknowledged!
  • And, of course, stick to the deadlines!

What are the deadlines?
    Sign ups open: June 7
    Sign ups close: June 21
    Assignments sent: June 23
    Check-in: July 23
    Drop-out deadline: July 30
    Final fic deadline: August 23

All deadlines are 11:59PM in the procrastinator-friendly Pago Pago timezone!
The posting schedule and reveals date will be announced closer to the end of the challenge.

What if I think I'm not going to make the deadline?
Because this is an exchange, participants are required to turn their fics in on time. Extensions are not guaranteed. Please commit to finishing your assignment, and do your best to complete it on time. If you absolutely must drop out, let us know as soon as possible. The deadline to drop out is July 30; if you drop out after this deadline, or simply disappear, you will be ineligible to participate in the next round of Ficmix. As long as you notify us of your drop-out before the deadline, you may still participate in the next round.

What are pinch-hitters?
Pinch-hitters are the magical, angelic creatures who volunteer to fill in for participants who drop out. These brave souls race against time to create a last-minute gift for an author who would otherwise be left empty-handed. :( You may sign up to pinch-hit during your Ficmix sign-up. You may also sign up to participate solely as a pinch-hitter, meaning you may be asked to write a remix if needed, but your own works will not be remixed (this is a good option if you want to participate in Ficmix, but don't meet the minimum fic requirements). A separate sign-up form will be provided for pinch-hit-only sign-ups.

What is a "check-in"?
The check-in is a 100 word summary of your remix, which you will email to us near the check-in date. It doesn't have to be a draft of your work, although it can be; all we require is a short summary of your plot so the mods know you've at least given some thought to your Ficmix. It's fine if your finished fic differs from your check-in summary — the check-in is just a way for the mod to know you're still participating in the exchange and working on your fic.

Disclaimers/Acknowledgements/Other Miscellany
  • Kpop-Ficmix and its mods are not responsible for what's done to your story, for better or worse. They are also not responsible for any misfortune, awkwardness or peril that may ensue should you disregard any part of the rules and information provided and do something that is prohibited or advised against.
  • Thank you to musesfool and remix_redux for letting us borrow and tweak the concept and original rules of Ficmix, and to all past mods of kpop-ficmix for being amazing.
  • For updates, please watch this community or follow the Ficmix Twitter.
  • If you have any questions, please comment below and a mod will answer you as soon as possible (comments are not screened).

Where do I sign up?
You may sign up through THIS FORM.
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