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This is it!

Before anything else, we would like to thank everyone who participated. We've produced a total of 29 fics, representing 15 different fandoms.

Special thanks goes to our amazing pinch hitters: glassfromscars, appletease, gdgdbaby, mo_chan_tf, azurrys, teddyescher, and verocity. Thank you so much for enduring our panicky emails and heated sobfests. It all paid off!

What does this mean?

Dis game is not oberrr. Except it is. Please look forward to the next Kpop Ficmix!

You may now crosspost your fics to your journals or fandom fic communities; anywhere you wish. If you have any questions, comments, or whatnot, please feel free to email the mods at or send us a PM here at Livejournal.

And now, the reveals!

#01 Serendipity And Other Life Events (Exo. Xiumin/Lu Han.PG.)
by heartsnote
remix of 21walker's Dibs!

#02 Only Remember Me (C-Clown. Rome/Maru, Rome/Kangjun.R.)
by qiguai
remix of persimmoan's Only Remember These

#03 He Is Me, And I Am Him (Exo. Baekhyun/Chanyeol.PG.)
by vvipforseungri
remix of xglimpsex's This is his Chanyeol.

#04 Your Smoke Into My Lungs (Super Junior. Han Geng/HeeChul.PG-13.)
by heijihatsutori
remix of mo_chan_tf's Ashes

#05 Let Me Be The One [To Save You] (Exo. Chen/Suho.PG-13.)
by thesockmonster
remix of shanwens's Steam

#06 Uncertainty (Block B. Zico.G.)
by andersenmom
remix of renichifreak's Uncertainty

#07 Something There (Exo. D.O./Suho.PG.)
by iridae
remix of haneure's Ever Just as Strange

#08 Heat Haze (2PM. Wooyoung.G.)
by reddaylight
remix of strawberrymalt's the desert rose

#09 a thousand broken mirrors (Infinite. Hoya.PG-13.)
by azurrys
remix of heijihatsutori's And The Looking Glass Falls

#10 Of Camisoles and Short Skirts (Infinite. Dongwoo.PG-13.)
by the_resolver
remix of goseum_dochi's And That Was When I Kissed Her

#11 Water Me (Exo. Xiumin/girl!KrisPG-13.)
by scarredknees
remix of glassfromscars's Hurricane

#12 of all lies (Exo. Lu Han/Sehun.PG-13.)
by swabluu
remix of thesockmonster's Skylines and Turnstiles

#13 cheers darlin' (Got7. Mark/Jackson.PG-13.)
by chanyeolanda
remix of iridae's Never and Always On My Mind

#14 From Your Head to Your Feet (24/7 remix) (Exo. Kai/Suho.NC-17.)
by ladadadi
remix of onyu's When You’re Looking Like That

#15 The Twelth Use of Dragon's Blood (Vixx. N/Leo.PG-13.)
by glassfromscars
remix of feiling's 04. asked by mogsori on tumblr: leon harry potter au

#16 Appetence (2PM. Junho.PG.)
by mo_chan_tf
remix of chanyeolanda's Voldy Baby- The Parselmouths

#17 Ribcage Bombings (100%. Chanyong/Minwoo.PG-13.)
by strawberrymalt
remix of the_resolver's Sorry I'm Sorry

#18 a perfect life (the gilded remix) (SNSD/F(x). Platonic Jessica/Krystal.PG-13.)
by admortems
remix of ladadadi's if i was you

#19 Dream Sequence (2PM. Chansung/Wooyoung.G.)
by verocity
remix of heartsnote's Full Circle

#20 it was you (BTS. J-Hope/Suga.PG-13.)
by teddyescher
remix of qiguai's what's in a smile

#21 prisonic fairytale (SNSD/DBSK. Yoona/Changmin.PG-13.)
by appletease
remix of bollywoodrecord's improper lovers

#22 Making History (The Awards Season remix) (Exo. Chen/Lay.PG-13.)
by gdgdbaby
remix of swabluu's Nothing's Impossible

#23 you taste like whiskey when you kiss me (Exo. Chanyeol/Sehun.R.)
by feiling
remix of admortems's You and I

#24 this home (F(x). Amber/Luna/Sulli.G.)
by haneure
remix of scarredknees's homesick for a place that doesn't exist

#25 white nights (SHINee. Jonghyun/Onew.PG-13.)
by shanwens
remix of reddaylight's Snowblind

#26 Outlines (2PM. Taecyeon.PG.)
by mo_chan_tf
remix of verocity's untitled

#27 Potential (Exo. Chanyeol/D.O.PG-13.)
by glassfromscars
remix of vvipforseungri's besties forever

#28 Loner (the Like a Child remix) (CN Blue. Minhyuk.G.)
by verocity
remix of andersenmom's Loner

#29 On My Own (F(x)/DBSK/Super Junior. Victoria/Changmin/Kyuhyun.PG.)
by glassfromscars
remix of hoshatree's The Testimony of the Parrot

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