September 14th, 2018


#19 all's fair, alright (the détente remix)

Title: all's fair, alright (the détente remix)
Fandom/Pairing: GOT7 and Day6; gen, Jinyoung-centric
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 4711
Work remixed: this is it, boys, this is war by Naladot
Summary: Jinyoung finds out that the newest Chosen One is Yoon Dowoon, and that Brian Kang is back in town. Among all the chaos, an opportunity for him to correct past mistakes presents itself. He takes it.
Notes/Warnings: N/A

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#20 I've got a ticket to the show

Title: I've got a ticket to the show
Fandom/Pairing: SEVENTEEN; Mingyu/multiple, Seokmin-centric
Rating: PG15
Wordcount: 1302
Work remixed: one glance (and my heartbeat stops) by habitualwords
Summary: "Mingyu has a history of dating supernaturals, and then exploiting their powers for his sex life." Mingyu's dating history as witnessed by Seokmin.

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#23 through infinite centuries and beyond

Title: through infinite centuries and beyond
Fandom/Pairing: BTS; taehyung/yoongi
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 3578
Work remixed: multiple choice by Belgium
Summary: "Have a think about this: there is a theory that suggests the universe is so large that everything that can happen is happening all the time." – modern family, ‘written in the stars’
Or: Yoongi just wants to make things perfect for Taehyung. Taehyung just wants Yoongi.
Notes/Warnings: credit to J for sparking the idea behind this fic and also for being my personal cheerleader and supervisor despite her own busy schedule. also a big thank you to Belgium and the mods of kpopficmix for giving me the chance to remix this beautiful and creatively written fic.
title is from dna.

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#24 love me, take me to outer space

Title: love me, take me to outer space
Fandom/Pairing: NCT; Jeno/Jaemin
Rating: Teen+
Wordcount: 5190
Work remixed: gravitational constants by jenuyu (jellyboxes)
Summary: If healing is 75% mind power, then the bone-deep sense of peace Jaemin feels after falling asleep midway through a phone call with Jeno is what cures him. His brain says I need to see Lee Jeno again and his body bends over backwards to comply.
Notes/Warnings: character study, pining, death and/or suicide ideation, slight situational depression

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