September 12th, 2018


#14 DeathNote Vs Yuri on Ice

Title: DeathNote Vs Yuri on Ice
Fandom/Pairing: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, Kim Taehyung | V/Park Jimin
Rating: General Audiences
Wordcount: 2865
Work remixed: i still think that we were meant to be by chanyeolanda
Summary: Jimin’s out celebrating his 21st birthday with a drink, because it’s definitely not old news yet. A day still doesn’t pass that he doesn’t get a new echo bruise, which annoys him, but now there’s some guy in the bar who’s trying to claim Yuri on Ice is a better anime than DeathNote is, which really ticks him off. Jimin is never violent but he’s at the end of his patience. So when the dude accidentally hits him in the face, he throws a punch back and he’s surprised at how much it hurts…and it’s not his wrist that hurts. It’s his stomach in the exact spot he just punched the asshole in front of him at. Dammit.

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#15 couldn't see you coming

Title: couldn't see you coming
Fandom/Pairing: NCT/00 line friendship, minor Markhyuck
Rating: T
Wordcount: 6399
Work remixed: who could love you better by remixee's friday
Summary: There's nothing Donghyuck loves more than a secret (okay, fine, he actually loves his #BFFLs the most), which is why he is determined to uncover the truth when Jaemin hypothesizes that Renjun has a secret boyfriend.
Notes/Warnings: A big thank you to friday for your hilarious fic! The original was so full of heart and charming and I hope that I captured even like 5% of it ahhh. I hope that you enjoy and that you are loving Dream's comeback as much as I am :D

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