September 7th, 2018


#7 that's what i like

Title: that’s what i like
Fandom/Pairing: NCT; Lucas/Mark
Rating: E
Wordcount: 7500
Work remixed: finesse by idolrapper (wonwoo)
Summary: Mark is broke. It’s too bad that the only person with a solution for him is the one person he really shouldn’t be taking advice from. (or, how mark learns to love himself and all the perks that come with being a camboy.)
Notes/Warnings: ty mods for organizing! to idolrapper, i can’t tell you enough how much i loved your fic, and i can only hope that it makes you smile ♡

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#8 will they or won't they? turn to page five to find out!

Title: will they or won't they? turn to page five to find out!
Fandom/Pairing: iKON; Yunhyeong-centric (Jinhwan/Junhwe, Bobby/B.I)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 6583
Work remixed: five times junhwe asked jinhwan out, one time (he succeeded) jinhwan said yes by idyleski
Summary: Could it be? Baby's first crush? Onlookers report starry eyes coming from a JH's direction aimed at a certain third year. (Or, five times Yunhyeong was fed up with his friends and one time they weren't quite so bad.)
Notes/Warnings: thank you to r + c for helping me with the gossip and everyone for the encouragement!

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