September 5th, 2018


#1 System failure: Proceed to launch?

Title: System failure: Proceed to launch?
Fandom/Pairing: Day6, Sungjin-centric
Rating: G
Wordcount: 5063
Work remixed: closed system by yoonbot
Summary: Not everyone gets into Starfleet Academy, and even fewer start flying up the ranks of Starfleet Command after they graduate. But Sungjin? Well, he’s on a one-way track to captaining his own ship. He only has one thing standing in his way: a years-old grudge regarding a certain Starfleet officer named Jae. It’s a big, weird universe out there, and Sungjin just isn’t interested in being told what to do by a guy who posted a vlog about his visit to Vulcan called, “I’m not Vulcan around here!”

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#2 4:20

Title: 4:20
Fandom/Pairing: EXO; Baekhyun/Jongin
Rating: PG-15
Wordcount: 2262 words
Work remixed: Blaze Your Fire by staygame
Summary: Baekhyun hits new levels of desperate when his and Chanyeol's go-to weed guy leaves to pursue his college education dreams. He has his doubts about this new Kai dude but then again what beats getting high with a hot guy on a Sunday afternoon?
Notes/Warnings: i am no expert when it comes to smoking weed so i used some personal experiences as a backbone... hopefully, my dear remixee, i did justice to your lovely fic; I really hope you'll enjoy my take on it ♡

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