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it's tiiiiime~

→ Thank you!

Firstly, thank you so much to the wonderful canttakeabreath and yunho for pinch-hitting! We only had two drop outs this year and they were both well before the deadline, so a huge thank you to our amazing pinch-hitters and of course each and every participant for being so reliable.

You'll see also that two sets of remixer/remixee pairs received each other as their assignment, and please accept our apologies for this. We tried to accommodate fandoms as best we could, however we were limited by what each participant offered to write.

→ Now what?

Feel free to post your fics to your own journals now, and it'd be great if you linked back here!

Thanks again to everyone who has participated, commented or even just read the ficmixes :) We're all proud of the quality of fics that have come out of this round and really, it was all due to the work and effort you guys put into it! ♥

→ The Big Reveal

#01Delicate (Beast. gen, slight Junhyung/Yoseob, PG-13)
by warmboys
remix of nautisch's untitled
#02If You Should Die Before I Wake (2PM. Chansung/Junho, PG)
by jesusluvsjaeho
remix of dream_of_orange's Even If I Die
#03How To Save A Life (And You Begin To Wonder Why You Came) (Super Junior/miss A. Heechul/Jia, PG-13)
by firequakes
remix of naladot's begins to feel like home
#04Waiting For This Life To Change (Seems Like It's Taking Me Forever) (SHINee. Jonghyun/Onew, PG-13)
by xfwankiex
remix of itachibana13's You Keep Me Wide Awake and Waiting For The Sun
#05Nineteen Days (SHINee. Key/Minho, G)
by kingdra
remix of onew's Boys will be boys
#06B-11-3A (DBSK. Changmin/Jaejoong, PG-13)
by blurmeese
remix of jaceni's Love Pain
#07limerencity (SHINee. Onew/Taemin, G)
by kantamu
remix of xfwankiex's This is What A Heart Attack Feels Like
#08Cruel Intentions (False Moves remix) (f(x). gen, Sulli-centric, PG)
by ladadadi
remix of warmboys's Cruel Intentions
#09L'important, C'est La Rose (The Tattooed Remix) (2PM/2AM. Taecyeon/Chansung, PG-13)
by verocity
remix of morago's I'll Hold It In and Stand My Ground
#10Touch Me And I'm Going To Scream (Big Bang. G-Dragon/Seungri, G-Dragon/TOP, R)
by corpuscallos_m
remix of vvipforseungri's Hurricane
#11A Sky of Supernovae (Super Junior/TRAX. Heechul/Jay, Heechul/Jungmo, PG-13)
by canttakeabreath
remix of almostkiwi's untitled
#12Choice #1 (Infinite. Hoya/Dongwoo, PG-13)
by onew
remix of quarticpolynomi's The Wavefunction Collapse
#13What He Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him (Big Bang, G-Dragon/Seungri, PG-13)
by vvipforseungri
remix of corpuscallos_m's I Swear You’ll Never Know
#14Fragmentation (Everything Is Different In Retrospect Remix) (Super Junior. gen, Siwon/Hangeng friendship, PG)
by naladot
remix of kingdra's promise to the end
#15No High School Romance (2PM/SNSD. Jay/Jessica, PG)
by bollywoodrecord
remix of ladadadi's A Wreckless Night
#16The Game Is Over (MBLAQ. Rain/Joon, G)
by dream_of_orange
remix of jesusluvsjaeho's ficlet of nothingness
#17The Leaders’ Guide (SHINee/DBSK. gen, G)
by augmenti
remix of kat_elric's first time
#18Cell[ular Distinction]s and Iron Bar[ometer]s (Infinite. Woohyun/Myungsoo, PG-13)
by quarticpolynomi
remix of yunho's Morning Escape
#19this bird has flown (SNSD/Super Junior. Hyoyeon/Donghae, PG)
by nautisch
remix of compatable's possibility
#20The Words I Can't Say (Whispers of I Love You) (SHINee. Taemin/Minho, PG-13)
by kat_elric
remix of kantamu's tell me what i want to hear (tell me you love me)
#21Breaking Character (Infinite. Hoya/Sungjong, PG-13)
by canttakeabreath
remix of nekkajitge's Knight in Shining Armor
#22Conflict Resolution (2PM. Chansung-centric, Wooyoung/Junho, PG)
by morago
remix of biases's War and Peace
#23Of Hidden Secrets and Meanings (DBSK. Yunho/Junsu, PG-13)
by jaceni
remix of verocity's Of Secret Smiles and Insomiacs
#24Meddling 101 (Super Junior/SNSD. Eunhyuk/Taeyeon, PG)
by almostkiwi
remix of bollywoodrecord's Singing and Dancing
#25overexposure (T-ara/SNSD. Soyeon/Jessica, PG)
by compatable
remix of firequakes's sunshine in my eyes
#26I Love You Forgotten (DBSK. Yunho/Jaejoong, PG)
by yunho
remix of blurmeese's We Are Every Person
#27going down (the lazarus remix) (T-ara. Jiyeon/IU, PG-13)
by biases
remix of augmenti's The end of the world (as we know it)
#28It Starts With a Dream (SHINee. Onew/Jonghyun, PG)
by yunho
remix of specialises's Duets
#29In Which Infinite Almost Gets Replaced by Dolls (Infinite. gen, PG)
by nekkajitge
remix of canttakeabreath's In Which Infinites Travels to New York City and Befriends (Allegedly) Rabid Pigeons
Tags: ! reveals, # 2011 fall
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